When we connect deep within our self there is a wisdom that comes from a direct knowing. I refer to this place as our authentic divinity. When we pay attention to and live in harmony with this deep true self, we experience a balance and flow of life energy. Life becomes more vital, connections with other fulfilling, inspiration stimulated, and new options revealed.

 I draw upon many tools to help you access a deep level of connect with your authentic self.  Humanistic, transpersonal, and somatic psychology can be used to support accessing your innate healing potential and your natural wisdom.  Helping you to move towards an integration of your entire being, body, heart and spirit.

 Often experiences of dis-ease, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual provide us with a message of how to move into greater wholeness.  When we bring an expanded awareness to these issues we often find the answers or direction we have been asking for.

 Together we work with what is currently present in your life to move into their deeper origins.  This may come from early family conditioning, experiences we have had throughout life, in addition to trauma we may have experienced.


Tantric Astrology

Bringing more awareness and artfulness into your now.

Tantra means “to weave” and astrology is a system for connecting with all the different energies flowing through us.  In Tantric Astrology the focus is on expanding our awareness, first within ourselves and secondly in how we connect with the world; and being more skillful in how we weave together the experiences of our life, and make art in how we express our energy in the world.

A session could focus exclusively on clarifying the cosmic perspective on your life’s lessons and goals, and illuminating any challenging areas you currently face.  This can help you to move in the direction of your true purpose.  Alternately, a session could focus on your relationship with a significant other, exploring the potentials and challenges.

Each session can includes a 10 to 15 page written summary, and if you choose, the session can be recorded.  You also can receive an artfully rendered chart suitable for framing.

 Sessions usually take about an hour