Welcoming Sexuality

Our sexuality can be a useful tool in transcending the ego.  In fact if sexuality is ignored it can hinder our spiritual movement.  

Mantak Chia says, "If we are not able to cultivate our sexual[ity] …  we will find that our spiritual progress is often undermined by our suppressed sexual desires and emotional needs."  

When our lower chakras are open and flowing, we create a stable base and have access to a grounded energy that can support connecting with deep and subtle states.

How we connect to our sexuality is important.  Often the way we approach loving and the sharing of our sexual energies results in possessiveness and unhealthy attachment.  

Freely expressing our erotic energy can lead to the downfall of our eo’s dominance in our life.  

By engaging in lovemaking as fully and whole-heartedly as we are able, we weaken the ego’s control and thereby lessen our suffering and the suffering of everyone connected to us.

Cultivating Oneness

“Love includes everything and everyone.  In love there is no separation, there is no ‘us’ and no ‘them.’  There is only One.  Love is not against some things and for others.  Love has no agenda, love simply is.”

How we lovemake – whether by the gaze of our eyes, the caress of our voice, or the gentleness of tender touching, is irrelevant. What matters is the spiritual momentum of these activities.  

Lovemaking – whether alone, with a stranger, with a partner we believe we know well, with a group, or with the trees, the skies, the mountains and the oceans – is always consensual, mutual, wholly present, ethical, and expressive of the oneness of all.  

Such tantric lovemaking, imbued with compassion, appreciation and grace – as well as the healing power of passion and the cooling power of solace in our aloneness – releases us from our chattering mind by intensifying and circulating the erotic energies that flow all around, within and through us.  Because of this, even the slightest engagement in lovemaking contributes to the wellbeing of all.

Staying Present – Quiet Mind

Lovemaking helps us to focus on the present moment, and to become more aware and mindful.  It awakens and mobilizes the lifeforce within us.  It can be a portal into a meditative and essentially prayerful state.  

As we become deeply aware of our body and the sensations arising, we can compassionately witness any distracting thoughts or feelings that arise, understanding that these are our ego’s efforts to distract us from the present and to recapture our energies and to convert sexuality into its own agenda.  

Noticing this, we mindfully thank these distractions goodbye.  As our attention drops more into the present, we are able to widen our awareness.  With practice, we can use the ecstasy that is generated to expand beyond the individuals we are physically connecting with and feel the oneness of all.

Ecstasy & Transformation

This type of tantric lovemaking is not just a physical engagement, it becomes a meditation that circulates our erotic energies and empowers the mindfulness of our internal compassionate witness.  

It is a spontaneous, free and playful engagement in which we surrender ourselves to the power of the lifeforce within, and let the productions of our chattering mind pass on by.  Even minor orgasmic rippling through any area of the bodymind has beneficial effects, melting our separateness and aligning us with the energies around us.  

But the kundalini fountain of fire that may burst up and down the sushumna is supremely powerful in its dissolution of our ego.  This momentum is the essence of mystical experience and is available to all of us.

Red   Tantra Yoga

For deep spiritual progress, a total acceptance and integration of all parts of our self is necessary.  Tantra teaches that our natural state is one of ecstasy.  Our practice is to let go of what stands in the way of us experiencing that ecstasy.

 The sacral/genital chakra is the center of the water element in our body, as well as our sensuality, creativity, vitality, sexuality, emotions and sense of flow.  

The residue of emotional and physical trauma is often stored in the sacral charka.  Red tantra yoga works specifically with this Shakti energy and the sacral/genital chakra.  Sessions will often focus on healing and transforming blocks and facilitating an opening and flow in the sacral chakra. 

This can lead to ecstatic states and deep transformation. 

The work can help one to reconnect with and nourish their Shakti energy, and it can also be beneficial for those for whom intimate opening has been difficult or frightening.