Types of Tantra Sessions

Broadly, there are three types of tantra sessions: healing, ecstatic, and awakening. 

Healing sessions focus on removing blockages to the natural flow of our energy. 

Ecstatic sessions focus on increasing the capacity for bliss and ecstasy. 

Awakening sessions focus on cultivating a deep observer and moving into the space of no mind.

Referencing the “Model for Awakening” may be helpful in understand the primary focus of each type of tantra session. 

Healing sessions have the effect of reducing the thickness of the egoic/identity barrier.  Dissolving energetic blockages and fixed behavior and emotional patterns. 

Ecstatic sessions open our channels to the flow of bliss and as a result tend to make the egoic/identity barrier more permeable and easier to move through it. 

Awakening sessions are about dropping into a deep witness consciousness and resting in stillness without or with minimal thought or internal commentary.

Sometimes a session will impact multiple areas of our ego or identity, this is always welcomed, but generally the focus we have going into a session is where most of the movement will occur.


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What a Typical Session Looks Like

In general all types of session follow a roughly similar sequence:

- Check In.

- Creating Sacred Space.

- Stating Desires, Fears, and Boundaries

- A Preliminary Connecting Process or Exercise.

- The main work or practiced for the session.  This will vary depending on the type of session.

- Closing Connection Process.

- Debriefing or Summarizing and Integrating Process.